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Monday Night Upper Range League

IBS 600 Yard competitions are held throughout the summer.
 Click below for the schedule and information.

Benchrest Match Flyer 2018

Registration Form for the IBS Matches


600 Yard Shooting and Practice dates will be announced to members who have passed the training class. If you are interested in learning more about shooting on the 600 yard range or would like to be notified of the practice shooting times so you can observe contact Steve Moerke @ 608-513-3282. 

Shooting on the 600 Yard Range from open benches  is only allowed under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer on pre-announced shooting or match dates.  

Members who have qualified may shoot on the upper range tube range 8am to sunset whenever the upper range is open.   Be aware other events take place on the upper range and it will be closed on occassion.  See the range rules for details.

Anyone caught shooting on the 600 yard range from the open benches any time other than a competition or Scheduled shooting date will be removed from the membership.

Long Range Training Class Schedule:

Our next Long Range Training Class will be in April 2018.
You will need a notebook, pen, calculator for classroom.
For the range bring a rifle capable of shooting 1 MOA  (1" at 100 yards) with a scope appropriate for shooting 350-600 yards. Scope turrets will be adjusted by you to adjust for windage and elevation.
Bring an elevation chart for your rifle and ammo.
Phone: 608-513-3282
Steve Moerke

Contact Steve above if you are interested in taking the long range training class. 

Long Range Class Application  

Long Range Class: What you need


Flyer for Balloon Shoot match July 20 & 21 & 22  2018

Friday July 20th. 22 Limited Class, 8:00 am. Registration, 8 – 11practice,11:30

Saturday July 21st. Custom Classes, 8:00 am. Registration, 8 – 11 practice, 11:30 Shooting 

Sunday July 22nd. Factory Class, 8:00 am. Registration, 8 – 11 practice, 11:30 Shooting

Payouts daily for completed matches. Lunch is available at range. 

Factory Class: Factory stock, barrel, action and trigger. Blueprinting, timing and truing of actions permitted. Re-crowning of barrels permitted. Bedding of actions permitted. No other modifications permitted. No custom shop or specialty rifles (i.e. Cooper, Dakota, Bear, etc.) 

22 Limited: Limited to calibers 22 or less, no other restrictions. 

Custom Class: Restricted to 30 caliber or less, no other restrictions. 

Shooting: Contestant, scorers, and spotters permitted on the firing line during relays. Top 10 scores go to the shoot off using the same balloons. Contestant and scorers only permitted on the firing line during shoot offs. 20 Minute relays. Ties broken by 5 shots for score at 600 yards. Entries limited to twice per class. $25.00 per entry. 50% of net income payout paid 5 places, 25%, 10%, 5%, 5%, and 5%. 
Balloons: 4@350, 5@440, and 5@540: 14 balloons 17 rounds of ammo. 4” minimum balloon size. Balloons held in netting.

Registration Form for Balloon Shoot

Liability Release for Balloon Shoot


4/25 5/23  6/27 7/25  8/22   Starts at 6pm

Long Range Tactical Steel event.    The focus of this shoot will be long range (350 - 600 yards) shooting from tactical positions (prone, sitting, barricades etc).   There will be no shooting from the benches and support will be limited to bipods, sand bags or packs.   

 Cost is $5 for members $10 for qualifying non members.   Anticipated round count is 20 rounds plus sighters.

 Recommended items for this shoot:

Long range rifle
Good DOPE from 350 -600 yards
20 rounds ammo plus sighters (No FMJ, Steel Core or Armor Piercing) Shooting mat Bipod, sand bags or pack for support
Here is the planned course of fire for Wednesday.
Stage 1   COLD BORE - 1 shot 400 yards prone.   Target - IPSC.  Scoring A-
20 B-15 C-10 D-5  

Stage 2  PRECISION W/TIME & AMMO LIMIT- 10 round limit 120 second time limit.   Target - 12 inch steel at 400,450,500,550.  1 hit per target must shoot near to far.  Must hit to advance.  Scoring 30 points per hit.  5 point bonus for each unused round.  

Stage 3  HOSTAGE RESCUE - 2 rounds 350 yards prone.  Target 2 IPSC with no shoot hostage.   1 head shot per bad guy.  Scoring- A -50 other headshot 30.   -20 points hit on hostage
If you have questions please contact Dan Wilson (608) 772-8445 or Steve Moerke (608) 513-3282



Columbus Sportsman’s Club

Wisconsin State Benchrest Championship

June 2nd , June 3rd , July 7th , August 4th , September 1st


Points will be awarded for participation, small group, high score, and overall combined winners for each class/series. Classes shall include A, B, and Factory. Class A shall include anyone shooting 2 or more targets of 3” or less. Class B will include competitors shooting targets greater than 3.00. Factory class shall consist of factory produced rifles*. Custom shop rifles, Cooper, 40X, and similar rifles may compete in class A or B. Once a competitor has achieved two or more targets of less than 3” they shall remain in class A for the year. Notwithstanding they may compete in the Factory class. The first series of targets shall be for rifles of 17 pounds or less (light gun). The second series of targets shall be for any rifle that qualifies for IBS, NBRSA, or Williamsport rules (light/heavy gun). The third series of targets if needed, will be for factory class. Entry fees shall be $25 for one gun, and $10 for each additional gun for CSA members, Non-member fees shall be $35 for one gun and $10 for each additional gun. One point shall be awarded for participation in Light Gun, Any Gun, and Factory classes. One point shall be awarded for Small Group, High Score, and Overall in classes A, B and Factory. Points will be awarded for each series of targets. A Factory Gun may be shot in all classes. All Club IBS matches shot at CSA are included for points earned. The State Championship will be awarded at the last match of the year. *Rifles from manufactures producing 5,000 or more rifles per year.




April 2018

Jeff Western will open the Upper Range Mondays in April at 5:30PM. Jeff will be placing paper targets at 600 yards for those interested. Steel at 350, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 600 yards will also be available. This Upper Range opening is open to CSA members and non-members with Long Range Training and experience.

This shoot may also be open to CSA members and non CSA members that do not have Long Range Training or experience shooting organized matches at ranges exceeding 500 yards. Those without experience MUST contact Jeff Western ( to confirm enough mentor(s) will be available for inexperienced shooters.

Equipment requirements are:
    A rifle and ammunition combination that is capable of 1 MOA
    A scope with matching reticle and turrets (MOA or MIL) that are adjustable for elevation and windage
    A front rifle rest or bipod and rear bags for support
    Rifle should be zeroed at 100 or 200 yards.

Regrettably, until the pavilion construction is finished with the concrete floor placed and 10 shooting benches restored we are limited to (4) shooting positions and the (2) tube benches for a total of (6) stations. The concrete floor is not scheduled to be in-place until May. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

Purpose of the “Long Range League” is to improve long range shooting and communications skills and track improvements. The league would give a structured format and a level of commitment from the shooter. Expectations will be defined and everyone understanding of the goals and becoming more familiar with our equipment and improve our skill sets like wind dope and one shot sight-ins etc.  There won’t be any trophies or awards. We are there to better our individual l skill sets and self-confidence.  There is no better gratification than to see a measureable improvement towards your individual goals and to “bang steel at will”.

League format:

  • Targets will be IBS or NBRSA 600 yd. targets.
  • 3 targets will be used: 400yd., 500 & 600 yard.
  • 5 shots per target to be scored, miss = 0, Max. =50 x 3= 150 total.
  • No X count
  • Sighers Allowed ( clay pigeons, Steel ect… per targeted distance)
  • Total league rounds 15 scoring + sighters
  • To help each other and to improve communication   
  • Scoring will be done by shooter reported to League Clerk that night.
  • League to begin at 6:00PM
  • Practice prior to league is acceptable.
  • League Fees will be $5 members and $10 for non-members, 3 IBS targets; used targets are fine if old hits are taped.
  • All Range / Safety Rules Apply and R.O. on duty. If R.O. isn’t available shooting will be done through the “Tubes”.
  • Any firearm that is allowed by club rules is allowed, no weight or optic limitations. 

April 10, 2017

The "Cold Bore Steel Challenge" is a hit or miss on steel targets at different yardages.   Shooter will have a spotter, score / time keeper. Cold bore means cold bore. No practice shots with any firearm on the upper range prior (12 hour) to your turn to shoot for score. The Shooter will shoot at each steel target at the given ranges of 330, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 600 yards. The shooter will have 15 minutes to shoot and hit each target once. The shooter will shoot targets in sequence from near too far.  The Shooter will verbally announce the yardage he is going to shoot to his spotter and score keeper. The Spotter will announce ready then shooter can start shooting. Shooter is allowed 3 shots at each target to hit the target. The spotter will verbally signal hit or miss. Hits will be scored as hits and misses will be scored as misses. Maximum of 3 shots per target for a maximum of 18 total shots and a minim of 6 shots in 15 minutes. Lowest number of shots with the least amount number of misses will be Top Gun. Perfect score would be 6 hits 6 shots in the least amount of time. Time keeper will announce range is hot. Time keeper will start the timer when spotter says ready on the first target of 330 yards. Timer will announce "Time" when 15 minutes expires. Time keeper will record time it took to complete the shooting task. Time keeper will declare range is cold and visually inspect shooters rifle to verify range is safe. Shooters can shoot prone or bench which ever they choose.  Rifle restriction is a 15 pound weight limit. This should accommodate most hunting, varmint and tactical rifles. 

  • No open shooting allowed during the Cold Bore Challenge 5:30pm – Sunset, 5:00 – 5:30PM for steel target maintenance. All participants are expected to help spot, score-keep, time and paint targets during the event.




  Open Trap runs on Thursday nights at 7pm and starts in 2017 on April 20th and runs through September.  Members and the general public are welcome.   For more info contact Larry Haseman at 920-344-0656

Shotgun Patterning Board available during all open Trap sessions.  Also available by appointment.  Click to contact Mike Fredricks      

Paper is 48"x48"  Cost is 50 cents per sheet. 

Click her for some links to articles on shotgun patterning or just Google Shotgun Patternig for a ton of info.

   Youth Trap       League
& Open Trap

Youth Trap League and open Trap Shooting runs on Thursday nights and starts April 16th at 7pm and will run concurrently with the summer trap league.  Open to any youth 12 to 18 years old. Instructors will be on hand to help kids with shooting.   Youth Trap shooters can earn their shooting fees by working for the summer trap league.  Contact Larry Haseman  920-344-0656 for information.
Members and the public may participate in Open Trap.  Shooters may need to help with marking.

Want to learn to shoot Trap?   Contact Jerry Queisser 920-356-0361

& Open Trap

Fall Trap League and open trap starts September 11th and will run on Thursday nights through October 31 or until the weather gets bad. Depending on interest we will have regular trap, doubles, oscillating doubles, Hunt and Cover Doubles and 410. Contact Larry Haseman at 920-344-0656 for more information.
Members and the public may participate in Open Trap.  Shooters may need to help with  pulling and marking.














Outdoor 22 pistol league starts with a organizational meeting and practice on Sunday January 31st.  League starts on Sunday February 14th, 2018 and runs  once per week for 8-10 weeks on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to ? pm. 

The course of fire is:

Slow Fire -10 shots in 5 minutes
Timed Fire- 10 shots in 20 seconds
Rapid Fire- 10 shots in 10 seconds.    

Two courses are done at 7 yards and 10 yards.  Lots of fun!

A Steel Challenge Event will follow.  Five to Seven Steel plates.  Score is your time so shoot fast and don't miss!  Great practice for the rimfire challenge!

Print out your own targets for the event or for practice.

Contact Larry Haseman for more information:  920-344-0656 and check this page for updates on future leagues.


Outdoor 22 rifle league will be held at the pistol range.  League starts on Sunday April 15th, 2018 and runs  once per week for 4 weeks, starting at 1:00 to ? pm. 

NSSF Rimfire Challenge

The NSSF Rimfire Challenge is a .22 rifle and pistol program created to introduce new people to the shooting sports and provide a pathway to shooting competition. The NSSF Rimfire Challenge can provide individuals or families with a fun and exciting first-time shooting experience.  The event consists of shooting steel plates with a 22lr pistol and a 22lr rifle.  Speed and accuracy are the name of the game!  
  Click here to visit the NSSF page on Rimfire Challenge

Friday Sept. 7 - Setup for registered match, all ranges closed all day

Saturday Sept. 8 - Registered match, all ranges closed all day

Flyer for 2018 Rimfire Challenge with map.

Register online here.

Ammunition available for purchase.

Practice matches 

May 12 Rimfire Challenge Monthly Match Upper range closed 8am to 4pm

June 23 Rimfire Challenge Monthly Match Upper range closed 8am to 4pm

July 21 Rimfire Challenge Monthly Match Upper range closed 8am to 4pm 

August 12 Rimfire Challenge Monthly Match Upper range closed 8am to 4pm 

Contact Jerry here with any questions



2017 3-D Archery events will be held on the following dates from 8am to 2pm:

May 20 & 21

June 24 & 25

July 22 & 23

August 19 & 20

September 10  Fall Event

Twenty eight Targets on the range!   Practice area with targets out to 50 yards.  New Target Butts on practice Range!  New Targets on the 3-D course!   Food and Drink Available!

$10 - Adult (18 +) $7 - Youth (13-17) $5 - Cub (12 & under)

Flyer for 2017 3-D Shoots

Members and guests may shoot the 3-D any time.  Cost is $5 for members and $10 for their guests.  The course is monitored buy video cameras.  Put your fee in the box at the course entrance.  

For more information contact Todd Morris 608-712-6695

Click here for some pics of the 3-D course

Winter Archery League. 
 Practice up on our indoor range! 
   Contact Todd above for more information.

Youth Marksmanship Club

 Youth Marksmanship Club will meet at the clubhouse from May to August.  The purpose of this group will be to build on the principles of safe gun handling and marksmanship that we began in Hunter Safety training.  We will also be using the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program, so the participants will have certain goals to work for and achieve.  CSA has 22 rifles and ammunition available for the clubs use.  More information on the NRA program can be found here  Contact Jerry Queisser at, or 920-318-0918.  This program is open to all youths in the area, regardless of membership at CSA.  If you know of anyone else who would be interested in the program, please pass this on to them.    

May 21

June 11

July 16

August 6

These will all be from 1-4 in the pistol range


Action Rifle League

Action Rifle League runs on the first 3 Tuesdays of each month from 5-2 to 9-19.  Starts at 6pm.  There will be multiple drills for participants to run on the clock.  Any semi-automatic with a removable magazine in any caliber can be used.  Usual round count in 60 to 100 rounds.  Expect some interesting shooting positions!  A fun event that is also good training.

Hunters Education

Hunters Education Class Dates 2017

July 7   6:30-9

July 8   1-5

July 10 6:30-9

July 14 6:30-9 Test night

July 16 8-4 Range day



The registration page can be found on the DNR's Go Wild website and search for Hunter ed classes in Dodge Co.





Our 3-D and indoor archery range is available for youth shooters!  Contact Dan Wilson 


Sight in Clinics are open to the public to get your deer rifle or shotgun ready for the season. Club members are on hand to help.  Targets are provided although you can bring your own if you like.

Not Scheduled for 2017

Available ranges are 25 yards 50 yards 100 yards and 200 yards.

Cost is $5 per gun.

Click here for the 2015 flyer

Indoor Air Rifle
Winter League

Four position shoots on Tuesday nights in the fall and winter. 

Click here for more information


22 LR Silhouette Shoot

at CSA

Date Pending
Starts at Noon.

This is a fun event for all shooters:  young and old,  men or women! 
 Come on out and knock over some metal silhouettes!   

Each match consists of 20 rounds.  Five targets are fired upon from each of four distances.  5 Chickens at 25 yards, 5 Pigs at 50 yards, 5 Turkeys at 75 yards, and 5 Rams at 100 yards.  Targets are fired in banks of five from left to right.  One shot at each target.  

  Only 22 LR standard and high velocity ammunition may be used. Stingers and other hyper-velocity ammo are not permitted.  Any type of rifle and scope or open sites are allowed.
The event can be shot from any position.  Offhand, Bench, Sitting or Kneeling or Prone.  

For Bragging rights shoot the course offhand and with a time limitation of 1 minute for 5 shots!

Cost is 3$ for CSA members and 5$ for non-members.  You may shoot as many courses as time allows.  Matches start at 12:00 noon.  If time allows you can shoot until they are all down.  

Safety is our primary concern on the range.  There will be NO HANDLING OF FIREARMS AT ANY TIME WHEN THE RANGE IS CLOSED.  Action open indicators will be required and available at the shoot.  Hearing and eye protection is required.

So… If you have a little rifle with a big scope, come out and join 

Click here for a entry form
Click here for pictures
Click here for a Chicken target

Click here for a Pig target

Click here for a Turkey target

Ram targets will not fit on normal paper click to e-mail me if you want Ram targets

Concealed Carry


                                            Concealed Carry Class dates not set for 2014 

Click here for more information.