The lower rifle and pistol ranges are available to all members during the hours of 8am to sundown.

Here are the shooting berms at 25, 50, 200 and 100 yards from left to right.

The range will be closed on occasion for events and police training etc.  Check
the schedule of events for more information.

The lower range house has 8 shooting benches - two for each of the 4 berms. It is fully covered, which allows everyone to shoot out of the sun and rain.
The 600 yard upper range is now open for members who have passed the long range training class.  Members can only shoot at scheduled shooting times under RSO supervision or at scheduled matches. Non-members must have documented experience at matches at similar distances to compete in the matches.  Matches are scheduled throughout the summer.

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Archery facilities at CSA include a outdoor and indoor practice range and a great 3-D course.

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The Trap Range is available for open shoots, special competitions, youth leagues, hunter's education and more. Located adjacent to the clubhouse, with a nice patio area suitable for picnics and special events.




The versatile indoor basement range is used for rifle and pistol air guns and archery.

A group of NRA Family Day participants poses in front of the CSA Clubhouse
The pistol range is open to all members between 8am and sundown.  

Targets can be set at any distance on the available target stands as long as rounds impact into the berm.

The pistol house is great for wet weather and can be used to get warmed up during the winter pistol league.

Participants in Schutzunfest enjoy pistol shooting on the Lower Range


 NRA Family Day participants pose for the group photo by the clubhouse, and get some pre-shooting instruction at the lower range house