CSA is a 100% NRA membership Club

Club dues are $175 for a single membership and $200 for a family membership.  Family includes the couple and any minor children.  Anyone else is a guest.  Guest Fee is range dependent and listed at the range you will be using. Place guest fees in the donation boxes. 
 Dues are due by February 1st.  Memberships are calendar year only.  New locks are put in place February 1st.   
New members who join after November 1st will be paid through the following year.  New members who join after June 1st may pay 1.5 years dues and will be paid for the next year also.  This applies to new members only.

Members who perform 10 hours of work during the previous year receive a $75 dues reduction.
Click here to see work needed and contact info.

Questions on CSA membership Contact:   Beth Schabert 320-212-7565

New Member procedure:
Schedule a time for orientation.  Contact Gray Giesfeldt above 
2.  Bring a completed Membership application, payment, signed copy of the Range Rules and Hold Harmless agreement to your orientation. We do not accept credit cards.   Read and study the  Range Rules.   Read over the bylaws.

Current member renewal: 
 1.  Come to the annual meeting or to a scheduled event between the annual meeting and March 1st and renew in person.
2.  Mail in dues payment, your old key, a self addressed stamped envelope
(with at least $0.72 attached), and the last page of the range rules and Hold Harmless agreement with your signature on it.  Tape the key to a piece of cardstock or it will tear out of the envelope.  Include any changes to your personal information.  Send to:  TBA Your new key will be mailed back to you.  Check or money order only.  No cash.    

View or Print the CSA BYLAWS

View or Print CSA Range Rules PDF Format


Financial records are available to any club member Click here to contact the Treasurer

How to make Donations to CSA